Jasmine Lee Richardson | Photography | Film | Videography


While Jasmine Lee Richardson is an accomplished artist in the mediums of film and photography, she is also a professional strategist in cultivating creative direction for people, places, and events. Her work as an artist has been featured in numerous publications and her presence as a Creative Director can be found at Houston’s booming live music bar and venue, The Flat. It is here at The Flat where her unique skillset has successfully invoked a revitalized energy that now draws international attention from musicians and their fans. Leaving no areas of growth unexplored, Jasmine extends her honed vision in many other ways. For instance, she has collaborated with DJ Sun to merge music and images, most recently in a project with the Texas Asia Society that documents his ancestral trek through China. She is also currently building a viable network of cutting edge art and activism at The Flat, through curating her own work along with other local artists at the venue and then engaging this work in the needs of local charities. Stay tuned here to be up to date with her latest endeavors.

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